Privacy Policy

VRadio is a free application which presents advertisements as a way to monetize its content. Users are given control over the advertisements that are being shown. Users can change the advertisements type or choose to remove the advertisements completely from the settings of the application. All advertisements are provided by the Google Admob service. In order for these advertisements to work and to also avoid fraud, Google Admob creates and places a unique advertising identifier on each device and is considered as anonymous data collection.

VRadio also collects anonymous information about your device's language, country and listening preferences in order to be able to present the most popular stations in the last few days or weeks. This information is solely used for this purpose and in no occasion it is shared with any 3rd party individual, team or company.

On Android versions 5.1 and earlier, VRadio asks for the Phone Call Permission in order to get notified for incoming and outcoming phone calls. When notified for a phone call the application mutes its sound and eventually stops the playback to allow the user to communicate without having to listen to the radio playing on the background. Since playback stops during a phonecall, some other benefits also arise from this functionality. These are reduced data usage and higher battery conservation. VRadio neither retrieves nor stores any information regarding any of your phone calls.

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